New Shop Vac Rigid model WD1956

posted May 15, 2014, 6:05 AM by Michael Olson
After a bit of research I finally got a new Shop Vac.  I had a couple of requirements.
1.  Must have the larger 2.5" hoses
2.  Must have the highest CFM possible to use as a dust collector for my power tools.

A Nice to have would be that it does not have that obnoxious lip around the inside that prevents me from dumping out everything.

I did my research online and found that there were only a few that reached 200+ CFM and of course those were the more expensive ones.  I was planning on getting another Shop-Vac brand since I was pretty happy with my old one but the reviews were really bad for reliability and, well, the new ones are just really ugly.

From my internet research I decided on the Rigid WD1851 which has a plastic tub, 203 CFM, and the 2.5" hose.
While I was in the store and I had the opportunity to grab one of those employee only ladders and popped the top off the display model.  I was rather disgusted with how large the inside lip was on the plastic one.
I couldn't get the lid of the more expensive metal one off to look in, but i could poke my finger in and didn't feel any ridge so I spent the extra $20 and got the Rigid model# WD1956.  Turns out, there is NO internal lip on the can so when you tip it over to empty guess what.  Everything slides out!