Custom Programs

Custom Programs

Written with AutoIT-3

I am going to start sharing some of the programs that I have designed for my personal use.

<Food Guide>

I'm really bad at decieding what is going to be for dinner. Also, i'm horrible at making a shopping list because I never know what I want. I used to just go to the store, wander through the isles and just pickup stuff I thought I needed.

The Food Guide application is what I built to create a menu for the week as well as build a shopping list from that menu. You have to add your recipes into the application and label them for what meal you use it for "breakfast, lunch, dinner, side, desert". Then make sure all your ingredients have been added to the price book. You can then use the Create a weekly meal plan to have it automatically create a full weeks meal plan. You can then add the needed ingredients to a shopping list where it will actually tell you how much your shopping list should cost. "this uses the price book which you will need to keep up to date with the best price you paid for each item".

Download Food Guide

<Number Hunt>

My 4 year old Son came home from daycare with a piece of paper with random numbers written all over it. We were supposed to ask him to find a number and he was to circle it. The teacher said it helps with number recognition because the kids can't count their way to the number. They have to know what it looks like to find it. My Son liked it alot so I wrote a program that performed simillarly. My version uses two of each number from 1 - 20.

You need to have Windows XP or higher since this uses the built-in Text-to-voice feature (Vista is much better, XP voice is kinda scary). It will ask the child to find a specific number. Once they click on it, the button will dissapear. Click Next and it will ask for another number. This will continue until the game has finished.

Updated: 9/10/09. It will now give the child 20 seconds to find the number, if it's a two digit number it will say 13 has a 1 and a 3. after 60 seconds it will highlight the correct button for the child. I did this because I found my son asking me questions and that's how I was getting him to find the bigger numbers.

Download NumberHunt.exe

<ScreenCap screen capture program>

ScreenCap will allow you to take a print screen directly to a file. It can be set to be totally silent, or it can provide you with several options once the capture has been taken. You can set hot keys to select a region "click and drag a box around what you want", the entire desktop, or just the active window. No setup is required, just save it somewhere and double click to start it.

Download the Help file: ScreenCapHelp.chm

Download the ScreenCap program: ScreenCap.exe

<D20 Modern Hero Generator>

Here is something that I wrote up quite a while ago. I never ended up using it very much but feel free to try it out. You will need Microsoft Excel since it uses that to generate the Character sheet.

Select a Hero Class, Select a level to create.

Click Auto-Generate and it will take over from there

Click Assisted Creation if you want more control of what your character will be.

The Executable: D20HeroGenerator.exe

The Database File: D20CharacterGen.mdb