Shop Shelf detail page

My removable shop shelf is for my sliding miter saw so it was designed for that weight in mind.

I wanted as much space below the shelf as possible since I was originally storing my snow blower under there so I made the supports above the shelf instead of below.

Here is a nice little formula to help figure out the dimensions you will need to support the weight you would expect.

F=((W × D) ÷ H) ÷ Q

F = force applied to the eye bolts/hooks - minimum load rating for your eye bolts/hooks

W = Maximum weight expected at D (ensure you don't forget the weight of the shelf material)

D = Depth of shelf at the point of the Maximum weight. If you use the full shelf depth it should give you plenty of excess capacity

H = Distance between bottom pins and the top hooks/eye bolts

Q = the quantity of pins/hooks that will be used.

For my shop shelf the formula came out as 44 = ( (75 × 28) ÷ 16 ) ÷ 3

75 lbs is about the weight of the saw + an average 2x6 + some of the shelf weight

28" = distance from the wall to the bed of the saw

16" = just enough clearance so the saws sliding bars would fit under the top 2x4 support

3 hooks = The shelf needed to be wide enough to allow those long sliding bars to swing left and right so it put me over 3 studs.

The hooks I'm using can support 150 lbs each but they only need to support 44 lbs, so I have a lot of extra capacity.

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