Fold flat cut table

Foldable Cut Table 35" x 96"

When I didn't have a table saw I needed some way to support plywood while I was cutting it. I found a link on the web that gave me the initial idea. This is my version of the fold flat cut table.

This uses only Four 2x4's and Two folding table legs. You need to cut two of the 2x4's into thirds (32"). Create the frame by screwing two full lengths of 2x4's to two of the 32" cut pieces. Making sure they are on edge. Using the folding table legs as a guide, lay out the 32" supporting pieces flat and flush with the top of the table and screw them into place. Attach the table legs to those supports and there you go.

As you use the table it will begin to get cut up so over time you can swap the supporting pieces with the frame end pieces. you can also flip over the table and move the legs and supports to the opposite side.