Tablesaw Wing Router Table

Table Saw Wing Router Table

I finally put together a Router table to replace one of the Wings on my table saw.

After looking around the web for quite some time for ideas, I wasn't really happy with any of them.  I  decided to do something different than most.  I built mine from two layers of plywood.  Each layer is pocket screwed together from 4 pieces, then glued together in a sandwich.  The bottom layer is made so that the hole where the insert goes is 1 inch smaller on each side.  This supports the Router plate insert.  

Part 1.  Cutting out and assembling the router table

Part 2.  Installing the router table and cutting the miter slot

Part 2

Part 3.  Building and installing the fence

Parts list:

6 - Threaded Insert Nuts 1/4" x 20x20mm I couldn't find a link to the exact ones I found.  the link shows one with a lip around the top, but in order to coutersink, you need to get the one without that lip.  The UPC for the ones I got is 8 87480 01894 3

4 - Connecting Bolts 1/4" x 20x40mm to attach the router table sliding face.

2 - Connecting Bolts 1/4" x 20x50mm to attach the Router table fence to the table saw fence.  The length of these will vary depending on your rip fence

2 - 3/4" x 24" x 32" Phenolic faced plywood, though you could just use half a sheet of nice plywood.

Cut List for the plywood

Phenolic Faced Plywood Cutlist

Or you can use the 48"x48" Plywood Cutlist