Playhouse Workshop

The summer after I moved into our current house we had the 8 half dead trees removed, I tore down the rotting ant infested shed and we decided to build a playhouse.

The corner of our back yard when we moved in.

I had built a playhouse ($300 log cabin playhouse) at our old house which was a huge hit with the kids and their friends so I figured, I'd make them a really nice one here since we have a lot more room. WELL... turns out that my kids don't feel comfortable playing in a playhouse that looks like a real house so it has mostly sat there and became a storage room.

Here is a link to my Google Plus photo album for the build of the Playhouse

Fast forward to now, and the cold weather has gotten me thinking about winter and the thought of not being able to park my car inside during these cold icy western New York winters. I asked my wife if she thought it would be a good idea to see about running power to the playhouse and turning that into my shop. I think she liked the idea since I was starting to get closer and closer to her side of the garage recently.

The size is pretty close to my half of the 2 car garage and since it's insulated i'd be able to heat and cool it so I could work comfortably year round.

I still don't know for sure that I am able to run power out to the shed, will be finding out soon. Hopefully i'll be able to do it myself if I get approval from the Electrical inspector.

here is a quick walk through of the existing playhouse

Update: I got a quote from an electrician for the work and we can't swing it right now. Hopefully next year if things go well.